Visual Merchandising Best Practices for Jewelry Stores

People wear jewelry almost exclusively because it is attractive. When women buy a new necklace or bracelet, for example, they want to feel classy and extravagant and beautiful when they wear it, while men investing in rings or chains of their own want to feel confident and upper crust. Knowing all of this, it stands to reason that the better a piece of jewelry looks in its display case, the more likely a customer is to buy that item, which is why visual merchandising is so important for business owners running jewelry stores.

Four Tips for Visual Merchandising in Jewelry Stores

Of course, making the merchandise look pretty is not the only way to encourage customers to purchase items from your store. The following visual merchandising tips will help boost sales and ensure that your displays are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Keep the Display Fresh

The human brain is constantly under attack from sensory stimulation, with most of our five senses being accosted at all times. That means our brains have to learn how to filter out unimportant details, and the details we filter out are the ones we are familiar with. We learn to ignore familiarity, which is exactly why business owners need to rotate their displays and get new items under the glass at reasonable intervals. New, surprising details are what catch our attention, so new, surprising displays are a strong visual merchandising strategy.

Space Out Popular Items

Rather than placing all of the most popular items together in one display case, consider spacing them throughout the store and pairing them with less popular items. This ensures that customers make their way around the whole store and really get an opportunity to feast their eyes on the most impressive items you have available, even if they aren’t necessarily your best sellers.

Make the Most of Your Space

Your store likely has limited space, so it is incredibly important that you make the most of that space to show off as much of your merchandise as possible. Many businesses make the mistake of putting too much stuff in entirely too few display cases, but by making more efficient use of a building’s space, a jewelry store could squeeze in a few extra cases to let the displays breathe a bit more. Few things are more important than a logical floor design that makes the most of the store’s space.

Use Attractive and Durable Display Cases

Obviously Jahabow Display Cases are known for their durability, but they also serve as an appropriately classy container for jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars. Good lighting and display accessories help, too, but the display case needs to be attractive enough to do justice to the jewels and precious metals that lie therein.
Visual merchandising is important when it comes to jewelry because, frankly, jewelry is a purchase people make based almost entirely on how the items look. Using high-quality Jahabow Display Cases is a great place start, but adhering to some of these tips should help, too.