Tips to merchandise your bakery for better sales

You’ve made a name for yourself by making some of the best baked goods around, so make sure your bakery reflects your passion. Even the best baking skills can be sidelined by a bakery location that isn’t using merchandising best practices to boost sales. Your customers eat with their eyes, and if they’re greeted with a sight that’s not appealing, they’ll go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.
It’s important to remember crucial merchandising basics to help amplify your bakery’s brand and entice customers to come in and buy. 
Take advantage of trends
Just like any other business in the food industry, bakeries see their fair share of food trends come and go. Use these trends in everything from the products you offer to their packaging, and even the way you merchandise and market your most popular items. Signature and seasonal items are also a great way to help you stand out from your competition. 
Keep ‘em coming back
Everyone likes to get something for free, especially if it’s their favorite cupcake or pastry. Use reward programs like punch cards or point-of-sale software. They can help you track purchases and improve customer loyalty, which can also build your bottom line and overall reputation.
Shed some light on it
With all the time you spend perfecting your baked goods, it only makes sense to optimize bakery lighting to complement your merchandising strategy. Choose fixtures and display cases that match your decor and bulbs that cast a warm light on items, making them look as good as they taste.

Switch it up and fill it in
Some customers will order the same thing every day (and that’s okay) but some may want to try something new. Rearrange your routine by swapping out products and re-merchandising throughout the day to make your display cases look abundantly full and your products irresistibly fresh.
Cleanliness is key
This may be a no-brainer in a food-based business, but it bears repeating. While glass display cases in your bakery can be an attractive way to show off your hard work, they’re not exactly self-cleaning. Clean up crumbs regularly throughout the day, and ensure your glass stays smudge-free and sparkling by keeping it wiped down. Doesn’t your inventory deserve to be seen instead of fingerprints?
Offer to try before they buy
When choosing a merchandising strategy or store layout, think about leaving plenty of room for customers to taste free samples. Regular customers can try something new, and first-time shoppers can have a chance to try products and ask questions — something that can encourage them to spend more.
Pick the right packaging
When your customers take your products to go, it’s a given that they won’t last long. Aside from the quality of your items, the only thing they have to remember you by is your packaging. Make sure it’s innovative and memorable so you stay top-of-mind the next time their cravings hit. 

Think beyond the baked goods
Once you’ve made a name for yourself in the community, pad your margins by offering customers promo items such as T-shirts or key rings so they can proudly show their support for your delicious delicacies. Consider merchandising these items near the register to take advantage of shoppers looking to make an impulse buy as they cash out.
Show them the signs
Your customers want to know what goes into the baked goods they’re about to buy, so it’s important to include clear signage that helps them make an informed buying decision. Include ingredients, the name of the item, and the price.
Depend on displays
How your food looks when customers walk into your bakery is a huge factor when it comes to keeping your business growing. Choose merchandising display cases that fit your decor and budget, but focus primarily on how these cases can best offer a closer look at your creations. Consider size, finishes, and budget when researching displays, but also make sure they can keep your products fresh and delicious.
Make your shoppers’ mouths water as soon as they walk through your bakery doors with a strategic approach to merchandising and displaying your goods. Whether you’re looking for pre-built cases or a custom solution, we offer premium cases and tables made in the USA from high-quality materials. Ready to increase your bakery sales? Get in touch with our team and let us help!