TDL™ Secure Display Cases

Jahabow’s TDL™ (Theft Deterrent Level™) Series of Secure Display Cases define the industry standard for reducing loss and safeguarding your most valuable inventory. High quality construction, materials, and lighting beautifully display your merchandise, while protecting it from unauthorized access.

What is TDL™?

Up until now, classifying levels of security in display cases has been a subjective conversation. No more. As the industry leader in Secure Display Cases, we have created our own classification system called Theft Deterrent Level™ or TDL™. This classification system illustrates how our Secure Display Cases perform under common stresses.

As the TDL rating of the case increases, so do your efforts to achieve improved Loss Prevention.

  • Frame
    Our frame acts as the foundation for all of our display cases. The TDL Secure Display Case frame consists of a one-piece aluminum extrusion, which adds significant strength and durability.
  • Glass
    Varying combinations of Safety Glass, Hurricane Glass, and Polycarbonate provide three Theft Deterrent Levels that dramatically improve security over a standard tempered glass showcase.
  • Locks
    The interior locking component of the TDL Secure Display Case is incorporated into the steel slotted standard, upgrading the lock strength. The exterior lock is flush with the door to prevent access to through prying.
  • Reinforced Doors
    The doors on the back of the unit provide our final component of strength. The doors are made of solid, machined aluminum which makes them less prone to access via prying or repeated pounding.

Custom Solutions

You want your products to look amazing for your customers, and we want the same thing. We specialize in custom case configurations that fit the look and needs of your store.

The options to customize the look of the TDL™ Secure Display case to suit your needs is only limited by your imagination.

  • A TDL Frame for Your Needs
    The extruded frame of the TDL Secure Display Case provides us the capability to produce showcases in multiple sizes and styles. We can provide Jewelry, Half Vision, Full Vision, Extra Vision and Upright Secure Cases and more depending upon your needs.
  • Color
    We offer a variety of color options for TDL Secure Display Cases including brushed aluminum in silver or black.
  • Shelving
    The slotted standards inside each TDL Secure Display Case allow you to choose from a variety of shelf layouts.
  • Lighting
    Lighting for each TDL Secure Display Case can seamlessly be incorporated into the frame. Our industry leading LED lighting options guarantee your products will look impeccable.
  • Base Options
    We offer a mix of standard laminate finishes. Storage doors and drawers can be incorporated into the TDL base.
  • Electrical
    Multiple wiring options available. Electrical components can be concealed with easy access panels for consistent look.
  • Door Options
    Customize TDL reinforced doors by choosing from mirrored or colored laminates.

Independently Tested

Theft Deterrent Level (TDL) is calculated using a weighted formula for load resistance and deflection of the glass barrier. Testing was performed at a third party testing facility using a Hydrostatic Pressure Ram with pressure and deflection outputs allowing us to capture tangible security data.

  • Rupture
    The failure of glass or Polycarbonate material in the case is defined as rupture. Rupture is measured once an opening greater than 4 inches is created in the display case allowing for access to interior contents.
  • Deflection
    Deflection is defined based upon how many inches the glass or Polycarbonate must travel or stretch before the material ruptures. The larger the deflection, the longer it will take for an attacker to breach the display case.

Improve Loss Prevention

Our TDL Secure Display Cases are designed to compliment your service and sales performance as well as add an additional level of security to improve loss prevention efforts.

  • Reliable physical security
  • Reduced business interruption costs
  • Fewer claims result in lower insurance premiums
  • Reliable physical security
  • Reduced business interruption costs
  • Fewer claims result in lower insurance premiums

Ask yourself if repairing the case is more cost effective than replacing the merchandise.

Retail theft is on the rise. The charts below show how in the last few years alone gun dealers have experienced a sharp increase in burglaries.

Gun Dealers Face Thieves

The number of firearms burglarized from licensed dealers is on the rise. (source ATF)

States with the Most Gun Burglaries

States with the largest quantities of firearms burglarized from licensed dealers in 2017. (source ATF)

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