Setting Up Your Jewelry Cases for Success

Jewelry Cases

Jewelry speaks to the heart. Unlike many other types of purchases, there’s usually some sort of emotion behind a jewelry purchase. People purchase jewelry as an act of celebration, remembrance or love, which means it’s almost always a purchase that involves serious consideration.
Even the most beautifully designed jewelry isn’t going to just sell itself. Customers that come into your store to browse the jewelry cases want you to take them on a journey of discovery that leads them to just the right piece.
The level of customer service you provide is key, but it’s important not to undervalue the significance of quality jewelry display cases. When setting up your jewelry displays, keep these 4 tips in mind for increasing customer engagement and interest in some of your prime merchandise.

Getting the Height Right

One of the most important features of an effective jewelry display case is height. It might seem like a minor detail, but your customers want to be comfortable while browsing luxury items. Especially since so much of what sells jewelry is the experience.
Display cases that are about 42 inches in height are perfect for browsing. It’s a height that allows customers to easily view the merchandise without bending, kneeling or straining their backs to see the fine details.

A Cohesive Image

The look of your display cases should align with the type of jewelry inside and the overall image of your store. For example, a high-end jewelry store’s cases should have an entirely different look than a single case that holds antique jewelry in a collector’s shop.
The display case should blend into the background and highlight the beauty of each piece at the same time. This can’t happen if the finish or style of the case sticks out like a sore thumb in the store. A custom display provider can help find a merchandising solution for any décor.

Stay Current

Every so often, it’s important to take a step back and view your jewelry cases through objective eyes, even if it means bringing in an outsider for a fresh perspective. Display cases are an investment, and one you don’t want to make too frequently. However, sometimes an upgrade is exactly what you need to stimulate sales.
Trends change over time, and so might the type of jewelry you carry. If your display cases are looking a little too retro, or no longer fit with your current décor and merchandise, consider an upgrade to freshen the look and grab customer interest.

Choose Quality Materials

Every element of your display cases can affect how the jewelry inside is presented. The right type of glass, frames and lighting can turn a ho-hum jewelry display into one that sparkles and captivates. Display cases built with inferior materials look – inferior, and they’re going to drag down the allure of the pieces inside. Without a quality display case to serve as a foundation, almost all your merchandising efforts will be in vain.
We build quality, professional jewelry display cases that make your merchandise the star of the show. We also offer custom built options to fit the unique character of your retail location. Contact Jahabow today for a consultation and quote for beautiful new jewelry display cases.