How Secure Display Cases Help Prevent "Smash & Grab" Theft

Every business owner has at some point seen a television show or movie that depicts criminals, faces covered in black ski masks, looting a jewelry store by smashing in the display cases and simply emptying them of their contents. Glass is, after all, one of the most breakable materials, so these fictional heists go off without much resistance.
Unfortunately, the same thing happens in the real world too often. While jewelry and other valuables look great behind the crystal-clear glass of a classy display case, the aesthetics hardly are worth the lack of the security. Thankfully, Jahabow Display Cases are the perfect combination of secure and attractive, meaning customers can reap all the benefits of a pleasing display without assuming any of the risks that typically come with using standard glass.

Three Ways That Secure Display Cases Prevent Theft

Using Jahabow Display Cases are the best way to deter “smash & grab” theft thanks to the following features that keep criminals’ grubby mitts off of your precious goods:

#1 Reinforced Glass

Whether it’s a sledgehammer or crow bar or even a gun attempting to break into a Jahabow Display Case, the result is always the same. The surface glass will shatter, as expected, but the reinforcement of extra durable layers beneath that glass are effectively impenetrable. Thieves can swing at this secure display case until their arms go numb, but these materials are so incredibly strong that they simply cannot be destroyed. In other words, try as they might, these criminals will not be able to get past the reinforced glass, which is 291 percent more durable than the baseline secure display case.

#2 Reinforced Doors

Once they realize that smashing the glass isn’t doing anything for them, they may try to pry open the doors on the back of the case to get in that way, but those are reinforced, too. Extensive testing done by the good people at Jahabow and by third-party testers have found it nearly impossible to dent in the back doors of our cases, meaning that way into the merchandise is off limits, too.

#3 Pry-Resistant Locks

In fact, the only way someone would really have the ability to get into a Jahabow Display Case would be with the key, which also is designed in a way that makes it incredibly challenging to break into a secure display case. Like everything else on these cases, the locks are tamper-proof, meaning there is no smashing it or picking it to get at what lies behind the doors. It is just one more security measure to keep precious merchandise safe when potential thieves show up with bad intentions.
If you would like to know more about any of our cases, just give us a call any time and we will be happy to give you more information about how to get our secure cases into your place of business so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing no would-be burglar will get the best of your security measures.