Merchandising Solutions for the Grocery Store

Jahabow is a part of PFI InStore (learn more about the companies that make up PFI InStore here).

PFI InStore is a one-stop-shop for merchandising in the grocery store. The advantage we offer over of our competitors is the breadth of our capabilities including but not limited to temporary corrugated displays, semi-permanent displays, permanent retail fixtures and premium acrylic displays. Whatever your need for merchandising in the grocery store we have the capability and experience to execute.

OBP Display

In a typical grocery store/supermarket layout, the produce area is in the front of the store for a reason. Entice customers with fresh produce options using our OBP (Orchard Bin Produce) Displays. We were able to scale production of these units to 30,000 for a national rollout at a major grocery retailer. Did you know that the more items a customer purchases in the produce area increases the likelihood that they will buy more food throughout the store (source:

Case Stacker and Custom Corrugate 3D Standee

Looking to create a destination at the front of the store for events/holidays? Our Corrugated Displays (learn more) including Pole Toppers, Case Stackers and Case Toppers are the solution. For the Bakery Area we manufacture a wide variety of Bakery Cases (learn more) and Tables. We also offer Warming Bakery Displays for merchandising fresh take-home options. In the Deli, our low-profile Georgetown Rover Floor Seller (learn more) is great for creating cross selling opportunities. You can also capitalize on unused spaced around open-air coolers with our low profile Wingmate Wood Racks (learn more).

Wingmate Bunker Wood Rack

For merchandising at the end aisle, the industry leading Versa Tower Station (learn more) is the most common end cap you will see in grocery and mass merchandising channels.  The Versa Tower Station grabs attention as customers walk through the store with its superior messaging. Available in multiple footprints that covers most retail applications. Another end cap we offer are the Power Towers. These end caps can be merchandised separate or together for covering a larger end aisle application.


Versa Tower Station (left) and Power Tower 3×4 Section (right)

Throughout the store and especially at checkout, our stand-alone racks (learn more) are perfect for quick sale and trial opportunities. Cooler Banks are for merchandising single serve at or near express checkout. Cooler Banks can be customized into different formations depending on the needs of the store. The Tobacco Corral features high quality Jahabow showcases in a corral formation. These are perfect for merchandising tobacco, alcohol, and CBD near the front of the store.  Our in-aisle merchandising solutions include Ultra Glides (learn more). The Ultra Glides gravity feed 2L bottles as they are shopped.

Cooler Bank (left) and Tobacco Corral (right)

Please reach out to us directly for more information.