Jewelry Merchandising Tips for Valentine’s Day

Although the busy holiday shopping season has just ended, another gift-giving holiday is around the corner: Valentine’s Day. This is an excellent opportunity for luxury gift and jewelry retailers to carry the shopping momentum well into the new year. Make the most of your merchandising with these great tips from our team of professionals. 

Think About Security

Will you be removing everything at the end of each business day and locking it in a vault? This is an important factor because you’ll want to make it easy to move items in and out every day without having to re-merchandise each time. Of course, you can always save yourself some time by upgrading your glass jewelry display to a more secure model. Even more, these secure cases can be customized to fit the current display and layout to keep your branding cohesive and consistent.

Group By Brand

Often, when a customer is browsing your jewelry display cases, they have something specific in mind. If they’re serious about a purchase, they’ve probably already done a good deal of research and know which designers or jewelry brands they’re interested in most. You can help make the final decision easier for them by grouping your jewelry options by designer or brand.

Grouping by the brand is also a great way to show off new arrivals or highlight a popular seasonal collection by a specific designer. Customers will be immediately drawn to a brand or designer’s style and appreciate your efforts to make their choices easy.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting

Perfecting the art of lighting can be quite a challenge when it comes to illuminating jewelry that’s on display. For example, it needs to be evenly distributed inside each case. Otherwise, you run the risk of casting shadows and having glare that detracts from the natural beauty of the jewelry on display. Picking the proper color temperatures and lighting levels is also vital since it should always enhance your collection’s precious metals and stones. 

Keep Things Fresh

The human brain is constantly under attack from sensory stimulation, with most of our five senses being accosted at all times. That means our brains have to learn how to filter out unimportant details, and the details we filter out are the ones we are familiar with most. We know to ignore familiarity, which is precisely why business owners need to rotate their displays and get new items under the glass at reasonable intervals. New, surprising details catch our attention, so new and unexpected displays are a strong visual merchandising strategy.

Work With Experts

Work with a team of professionals that have experience helping retail stores just like yours grow their bottom line with the right approach to merchandising displays.

We offer a variety of display cases, towers, and more for merchandising jewelry. Whether you need one or a hundred, you can count on getting the highest quality jewelry display case available. Need help with layout or design? Our team of designers and installers has years of retail design experience and can help you create a great in-store experience.

Give your jewelry store the merchandising display cases it needs to help boost Valentine’s Day sales and create loyal customers. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about how we can customize our services to meet your needs, feel free to reach out to us today!