Jewelry Display and Merchandising Tips

Regardless of the price or value of the jewelry being sold, it would be a disservice to simply place it in a display case and cross your fingers that it will sell. Many times customers will enter a store without even knowing what they want, and merchandising displays will work to help them make up their minds. In fact, luxury jewelry designers spend a good portion of their budgets building flashy, immersive merchandising displays that make an impact.

Make sure to keep these best practices in mind when planning jewelry merchandising strategies in mind.

Keep It Proportional

Think about proportion as you merchandise. This doesn’t take an expert eye; approach the process as if you were a customer. How would it look to have just a few pieces in a large display case? On the other hand, you certainly wouldn’t want to overload smaller cases with too many items. 

Adding dimension and depth to the display will also help make it more aesthetically attractive. Display jewelry at different heights and depths instead of laying it flat where the eye would easily miss it. Add props (but not too many) to give context and cohesion to jewelry display groupings. 

Remember the Rule of Three

The Rule Of Three dictates that you should never have more than three different design elements in a merchandising display group at the same time. Limit your displays to three colors, textures, gemstones, styles, etc. to avoid making them look cluttered and overcrowded.

How exactly does this rule work, though? It’s a tried-and-true technique that’s been working for decades. “Studies have shown that humans respond better to groups of three. Our brains are wired in a manner that allows us to remember groups of three more so than just a single item or a pair.”

Check Your Lighting

The right lighting will work as a spotlight on your jewelry displays, bringing out the natural beauty of the items and catching the shopper’s eye. On the other hand, the wrong lighting can make jewelry look dull, pushing shoppers to check out the competition.

Another benefit of good lighting? Customers will want to try on the pieces and visualize what it would look like to wear them out in the “real world.” If they look in the mirror and don’t like what they see, they’re not going to be making a purchase. A warning: There is such a thing as too much lighting, it could change the appearance of the true color and tone of jewelry.

Think About Security

Will you be removing everything at the end of each business day and locking it in a vault? This is an important factor; you’ll want to make it easy to move items in and out every day without having to re-merchandise each time.

Of course, you can always save yourself some time by upgrading your glass jewelry display to a more secure model. Even more, these secure cases can be customized to fit the current display and layout to keep your branding cohesive and consistent.

Make It Interactive

Even though your shoppers are looking at your jewelry in-store, it doesn’t mean you can add an element of interactivity to your merchandising. Most of your customers have smartphones and know how to use them; leverage this to bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping.

Interactive displays feature an LED screen in the base that can be customized with video content and product information; customers can interact with it by tapping the top glass. These displays take customer engagement to the next level and can provide valuable analytics data on your products.

Consult the Experts

If you’re in the process of building a new store or looking to reconfigure your merchandise display layout, don’t go at it alone. Work with a team of pros that have experience helping retail stores just like yours grow their bottom line with the right approach to merchandising displays.

We offer a variety of display cases, towers, and more for merchandising jewelry. Whether you need 1 or 100, you can count on getting the highest quality jewelry display case available. Need help with layout or design? Our team of designers and installers have years of experience in retail design and can help you create a great in-store experience.

Give your jewelry store the merchandising display cases it needs to help boost sales and create loyal customers. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about how we can customize our services to meet your needs, let’s talk.