Jahabow’s TDL Rating and What It Means for Your Retail Security

Theft is a growing problem for retail businesses in the United States. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, inventory shrink costs retail business $46.8 billion a year, with a large portion of that coming from consumer theft.
While it’s easy to view this number and be discouraged, the good news is that it’s actually lower than it was in 2017 – the primary reason being that retailers have become more proactive in protecting their merchandise.
It’s important for retailers to take steps to protect their merchandise from theft before it occurs rather than struggle to recover the losses after the damage is done. To do our part in helping retailers lessen the burden of theft and shrink on their bottom lines, we’ve developed our TDL (Theft Deterrent Level) rating system for secure display cases. Here’s more about what the TDL rating is and how it’s designed to protect you.

What Is the TDL Series?

The TDL Series of secure display cases have been designed to redefine the industry standard of loss prevention for retailers that specialize in valuable or high theft risk merchandise. These cases have been built with features that not only deter would be thieves from attempting to steal, but also prevent loss with a structural integrity that’s virtually impossible to compromise. What’s more, the TDL Series of display cases is built to showcase your merchandise beautifully. There’s no reason to compromise aesthetics for security.
Each secure display case is assigned a number that demonstrates its theft deterrent level. The assigned TDL ratings range from 1 to 3, with each increased level indicating a greater level of protection and more peace of mind.

What Goes into a TDL Rating

Secure display cases that are assigned a TDL rating all have similar superior features in common, including high quality frames that act as the foundation for each case, theft deterrent glass, the ultimate in secure locks and reinforced doors. What makes the difference between a TDL 1 and a TDL 3 rating is determined by the rigorous testing that we put each case through
The TDL rating is determined with the use of a weighted formula that looks at load resistance and deflection of the glass barrier of the display case. The testing is performed at a third party facility with the use of hydrostatic pressure ram that produces reliable security data about the structural integrity of the display case. Here is a quick overview of how the TDL is determined.

  • Rupture: The ability of the glass or polycarbonate material to resist rupture. Results are measured by the degree of resistance it takes for an opening of 4 inches or greater to be created that would allow access to interior merchandise.
  • Deflection: The number of inches that the glass or polycarbonate must stretch before the material fractures or ruptures. The greater the deflection value, the more secure the display case.

Invest in Secure Cases for Your Business

If you’re a retail business that’s interested in securing your most valuable merchandise with beautifully designed display cases, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Contact Jahabow today and let us tell you more about our TDL rating and the best display solutions for your business.