Why Investing in Secure Display Cases Can Save Your Business Money

Being successful in a retail means paying extra special attention to how you display your merchandise. From a customer’s point of view, attractively displayed merchandise is more appealing than cluttered shelves, racks and cases. But, using the right display elements is more than a way of enhancing your customer’s experience. As a retailer, your display units can either save you money or add extra costs to your bottom line.
As a cost saving measure, there’s no better return on your investment than quality built, secure display cases. Here’s just a few of the ways they’ll save you money and help protect your assets.

Protection from Theft

It’s an unfortunate fact of business that you’re going to incur some loss at the hands of shoplifters. Most business that sell high end products take measures to protect themselves from theft, like secure cases and anti-theft devices. This makes great business sense, but we’re forgetting that not all loss comes from high end items.
Shoplifters realize that expensive items are more difficult to steal. Instead, they’ll often target items that are of value to them but aren’t perceived to be a huge theft risk. Items with minimal packaging or that are small enough to fit in the palm of their hand make for quick and easy grabs.
Secure display cases can prevent some of these costly thefts. This isn’t to say that everything in your store needs to be secured, but it’s smart to expand the number of products you protect, including lower cost items that are easy targets.

Secure Cases Prevent Accidental Breakage

One of the biggest unnecessary expenses your business can incur has nothing to do with theft or malicious intent, but instead revolves around the fact that we’re all human. It’s a fact of life that accidents happen.
Whether something is accidentally dropped, mishandled or damaged from ending up on the floor, these types of mishaps can be costly to your business.
Secure display cases help protect fragile merchandise and other items that don’t have adequate packaging by keeping them safe and secure in one spot and also allowing your team members to supervise customer handling.

Effective Inventory Control

You know all too well that certain items in your inventory are nearly impossible to keep an accurate account of because they tend to travel around the store. This happens for a multitude of reasons, from something being irresistible to touch and hold to customers using items in another part of the store. No matter how it happens, it’s always frustrating.
Keeping items that tend to travel in a secure display case is a cost-effective move because you’ll no longer spend money to replace missing inventory. Plus, instead of tracking down and putting away wandering merchandise, your staff’s time can be used more efficiently.
At Jahabow, we have the premade and custom display cases that will save your business money. Let’s get in touch and talk about the best secure display options for your business today.