Increasing Cannabis Dispensary Sales with the Right Merchandising

It’s easy to assume that cannabis sells itself, but that’s not necessarily the case. Your dispensary is like any other brick-and-mortar business, but the industry you’re in also lends itself to misconceptions and miseducation about your product. So it’s just as important (probably even moreso) to optimize cannabis dispensary merchandising as it is for any other line of inventory!
While every area of the country is different with regards to cannabis sales guidelines and rules, some merchandising tips are universal across the board. Here’s a shortlist of what you can do to merchandise your cannabis dispensary to boost your bottom line.

Settle on style

If you’ve worked hard to establish and grow your dispensary brand, it’s important to carry those elements through to your interior design. From the moment customers see your storefront, they’ll get an impression of your shop — you need to be sending the right message. Once you’ve decided what your aesthetic style will be, you need to carry it throughout the store with consistent, matching displays.

All about the levels

Of course, the larger your dispensary, the more products you’ll carry. Without a strategic product placement plan, you’re bound to confuse and overwhelm customers and perhaps even miss out on revenue. Create a dynamic layout that gives each product or group of products a dedicated home that’s easily shoppable. Consider shelving, tall display cases, shorter glass counters, and hanging displays to help customers navigate more easily and highlight items they may otherwise have missed.

Organization is key

For customers who may not be as educated about cannabis products, organizing merchandise in your dispensary can be highly informative. Repeat customers will appreciate that their most commonly-purchased cannabis products are easily discoverable. Stock similar items together, don’t overload the merchandising displays, and keep the visuals clean and streamlined. 

Mix up your merchandising

Don’t let your cannabis displays get stale! Make it a regular habit to rearrange your inventory and find new, creative ways to present products. It’s also a good idea to move slow-selling items closer to the cash register or the front of the store, where they’ll get exposure and perhaps be part of a last-minute impulse buys. You can also make the store feel dynamic for repeat customers.

‘Tis the season

Just like with any other brick-and-mortar retail store, decorating for the season is a great way to keep your cannabis dispensary fresh and relevant. Remember not to go overboard though; you still want your merchandising displays to fit your aesthetic without being too corny. This is a great way to market your products during those “national” holidays that are also specific to your location or the cannabis industry.

Don’t forget about the footprint

The layout of your cannabis dispensary matters more to your bottom line than you may think. When fleshing out a merchandising plan, think about the products you sell, how your customers browse, and the space you currently have to work with. Add signage to each section to help educate and engage shoppers and direct them quickly and easily to the products they’re looking for.

Sensory stimulation FTW

As the old adage goes, shoppers start the purchase process with their visual senses, but cannabis is different than, say, new clothing. Cannabis stimulates touch and smell, and giving shoppers an option to see, smell, and touch samples can help them better make a buying decision. Digital signage nearby to show educational videos or high-resolution product images can help even more.

First impressions matter!

What do your customers see and experience when they first enter your store? The first 5-15 feet of your retail space is commonly referred to as the “decompression zone”. How you plan this layout will impact what shoppers think about your cannabis dispensary and your products. Show them you appreciate their business and care about your store.

Care about quality

Even with all of the best merchandising plans, your efforts will fall flat if you’re using poorly maintained display cases. If you can’t properly show off your cannabis product, your bottom line will surely suffer. Although it may seem like a steep investment, purchasing high-quality displays that are easy to maintain out of the gate can ultimately save (and make) your business some serious cash.
Ready to make that investment for your cannabis dispensary? Let’s talk about our pre-built and custom display cases that will help create an experience that customers will keep coming back to, time after time. Get in touch!