How to Refresh Your Display Cases

The brick-and-mortar shopping experience looks different now than before, and physical retail spaces need to consider giving their space a total overhaul to help drive traffic and sales numbers. Think about the below tips from our merchandising professionals.

Reevaluate Merchandising Layouts

It might not be the display cases you’re using as much as how you’re using them. Grab the blueprint of your space, and have a little fun playing around with different layouts and combinations of display fixtures. Think about the initial visual impact when a customer enters your store and how you can enhance product placement along the route of natural foot traffic through your location.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter is the bane of a pleasant retail experience. Too many items packed into display spaces make them challenging to shop and are overwhelming to look at. Consider thinning out the product selection in your display cases. This doesn’t mean cutting down your inventory or selection; instead, invest in a couple more display fixtures for your store front to cleanly display your merchandise without all of it being crowded into one space.

Create a Social Media-Worthy Backdrop

Get creative with your spring merchandising and encourage customers to share images on social media. Invest in top-quality merchandise display cases that look amazing in the background of Instagram photos or provide a canvas for an easily-shared image from your Facebook business page. With appealing merchandising displays and cases, you can help shoppers make an educated buying decision with additional signage. Make them just as stylish as the rest of your store with plenty of product and pricing information.

Tap Into Shopper’s Mind

Think about putting the most popular spring and seasonal items in the back of the store. Your shoppers have to walk through aisles to get what they frequently buy instead of just running in to grab what they need and running back out again. Put new products where they’ll be seen, use calls to action that create a sense of urgency, and educate them on something they may not have tried yet.

Spruce Up the Check-Out Counter

Keep your cash register or check-out area clutter-free, so shoppers have room to spread out their products, purses, and sometimes even children as they hand over their payments. Create customized displays to encourage impulse purchases and add signage that makes your return policy clear. This is where you can put business cards or other marketing materials that you can easily slip into shopping bags with the receipt.

Keep Them Together

Bundling similar, supplemental, and complementary items together so shoppers don’t have to travel a complicated path to get everything they need. Keeping some cohesion makes your store layout familiar, especially with spring and seasonal marketing campaigns; a significant factor when shoppers decide which stores they’ll shop at regularly and loyally. Isn’t it nice to know where everything is within your favorite store?

Consider Custom

Custom-built display cases make it possible to optimize your individual space and help it look unique and tailored to your customers. Custom-built cases come in various designs, shapes, and finishes to suit your merchandising needs.

Whether you’re looking for custom-built display cases or would like to discuss pre-built options, we’d love to talk to you about options for your retail space. Contact us today, and let’s talk about refreshing your display cases.