How Frequently Should You Change Your Retail Fixtures?

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new deodorant or perfume, the new smell is a bit overpowering at first, only to wane over time until you can hardly smell the fragrance at all? The potency of the smell hasn’t changed in these instances, but your body has adapted to it because of familiarity. The same thing is true for what your eyes choose to see in your business’ retail display cases. What is new to customers really pops, while the old and familiar can get lost due to prolonged exposure. For this reason, it is incredibly important to change your retail fixtures with some regularity. The question is, how often should it swapped out?
While some businesses will change displays as often as once a week, there are a few telltale signs that it’s time for a change, even if you are unable to move things around that often:

When New Merchandise Doesn’t Fit the Space

The obvious time to switch up your retail shelving and displays is when you get some new merchandise that needs to be front-and-center in your visual merchandising. All of the shiny new toys should get the prime real estate since those are what customers will look for first, and that probably will mean shifting around everything else while you’re at it. Even more dramatic changes are possible if the new merchandising doesn’t fit the current space. That could mean entirely new displays to best represent the new items.

When You Are Planning a Full-Store Layout Change

Occasionally, stores decide that a complete extreme makeover is necessary, and while that can be time consuming and expensive to pull off, it does serve as a great opportunity to change your retail fixtures. Perhaps you update your flooring and paint color, or even order new Jahabow Display Cases, but whatever the details, a makeover creates an excellent opportunity for a change.

When Your Displays Are Starting to Look Worn Down

No store is exempt from seeing their displays get worn down over time. While all businesses would love for their display cases to last forever, sometimes they either fall victim to normal wear and tear or flat-out go out of style. When that time comes, ordering some new display cases and switching up the visual merchandising of a store can be an obvious next step.

When You Are Rebranding

If you are developing a new logo or new business name or even introducing a new color scheme, a store redesign should be included in the rebrand. There is no point in changing the public perception of your brand, only for your store to look like the same old thing. Any rebrand is exciting, but only if it also finds its way to the store layout and merchandise displays.
Here at Jahabow Display Cases, we want your visual merchandising to look great and stay fresh throughout the year, but that means occasionally changing your displays. Don’t let your customers’ brains get too comfortable in your store. Familiarity doesn’t surprise the eye, and your best merchandise is too good to slip into the background.