The Evolution of Secure Display Cases

Secure Display Cases from Jahabow have provided excellent protection to safeguard retail inventory from theft for over 15 years.  Our showcases have helped numerous national retailers secure their inventory of valuable merchandise like guns, sunglasses, handbags, and jewelry that are a high risk for smash and grab theft.
We’ve developed our secure cases through extensive research, development and testing.   Over the years, we have developed a broad knowledge of how secure display cases will perform under a wide spectrum of stressful intrusion situations.  We test every element of the case (the glass, the frame, the locks, and the doors and hinges) to make sure our case will hold up when you need it to most.  We have literally smashed, beaten and broken hundreds of cases to understand how to make sure our cases protect your inventory.  The unique knowledge we gather is consistently used to improve upon the security features of the showcase.
Recently, our cases were submitted to an independent third party testing facility to measure how our cases would hold up in deflection and rupture testing.
The tests concluded that our new TDL (or Theft Deterrent Level) Series of secure display cases resets the industry standard for strength, durability and beauty in secure glass displays. TDL provides our retail customers multiple levels of security while at the same time, optimizes the visual appeal of their items for their customers.
With proven results and tested performance, you will have peace of mind that your inventory is safe, secure, and beautifully displayed.
Jahabow TDL Security Cases are available in an infinite variety of custom shapes, colors, and sizes.  Call us today at 573-437-4151 to learn more.