Does Ecommerce meet quality Customer Experience?

Customer Experience in trying on your engagement ring.

Ecommerce might be the new normal… but

What about ‘Customer Experience’?

Search, Point, Click, and it’s at your door.  No fuss and no hassle… but no customer experience and no customer loyalty. Today’s fast-paced, online environment gives many retailers the false impression that their digital forefront can replace the in-store customer experience. However, as the economy grows and commerce turns increasingly global, using digital as a complementary part of your marketing mix and understanding how to demonstrate your brand through your in-store customer experience gives you the power to build long-term customer relationships and maximise profitability.
So, if we know that consumers still buy quality and not only products, it is critical for us to consider key areas to concentrate on when creating that impression.

Invest in a branded store experience

Your physical store should help you to tell your brand story to your customers, making them understand why they should purchase from you rather than the faceless seller on the internet. Your colors and staff clothing are important, but it is also critical to consider how you choose to outfit your store. When you invest in custom display cabinets for products ranging from jewellery and leather items to electronics or sporting goods, you send the visual message that your products are high-quality.
Jahabow’s cabinets have been US-made by American workers in Owensville, MO, for more than 30 years. From their secure display cabinets to custom glass cases, they are known for both quality and functionality. Their reputation is built on quality as well as their understanding of what the US consumer expects, and they can help you to tastefully configure your cabinets, lighting and security features before a team member delivers and sets up your cabinets on-site. This is different from the low-cost, flat-packed cabinets on the market where you are left to construct them yourself, taking time and losing impact.

Create opportunities to show that your consumers are getting more

Consumers are interested in experiences that are tailored to them. From the Apple Genius Bar to getting advice from golf pros or jewelers, the retail floor-plan should give you more opportunities to reinforce your message by welcoming customers, sharing spaces and showing consumers that you appreciate them.
Consumers know that it is worth the investment of time to travel to see professional staff who are experienced in specific sales such as jewelry or firearms. This allows you to get closer to your consumers, as they look for the ability to see the jewelry on their wrists or feel the gun in their hands before they buy. By developing a configuration of showcases that fit your products and your needs, whether metal, wood or glass, you can create a store experience that drives consumers to ask questions, browse and complete the sale. The experts at Jahabow have been working with businesses for more than 30 years, and their top customers have been with them for an average of 16 years. If you need a partner who can share how they have helped other businesses make these changes or upgrade their display cases, give them a call for a no-obligation conversation about how they can help.
Customers still expect a personal experience that is essential to building repeat sales. A recent study by Bain & Company (download it here) found that by 2025, 75% of premium product sales will still take place in a physical location. If we work together and build the right store experiences, it could be even more.
Author: Tom Grzywa, Sr. Director of Retail Fixtures, Jahabow

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash