Cannabis Dispensary Merchandising Best Practices

Cannabis Dispensary Merchandising

Merchandising a cannabis dispensary or cannabis products in your retail store is more than just placing the product on the sales floor and crossing your fingers that you’ll make the sale. When it comes to making the most of these products, you should consider some cannabis dispensary merchandising best practices as you plan out your strategy.

Find Some Answers First

What’s your customers’ first impression when they walk into your dispensary or retail store and see cannabis product merchandising? Is it a comfortable environment that helps them better understand your products? Do they see merchandising displays that are orderly or chaotic? Or do they walk in, take one look, and walk back out? Not all dispensaries and cannabis retailers are created equal, and today’s consumers pay close attention to the first few minutes of their experience in your store.

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It Starts With the Senses

Cannabis use is highly sensory, and the buyer’s journey should match that. However, focus on the senses that matter when shopping for cannabis products. Use merchandising strategies that help customers smell, taste, or touch products — all of which help determine preference for cannabis customers. Use additional signage for a visual element, too.

Shake Up Product Placement

Have some slow-moving products or lines soon to be out of season? Switch up where it’s displayed and merchandised on your dispensary floor or store shelves. Regular customers can find new products even if they visit frequently and have become familiar with your inventory. Consider advertising these products and store layout changes on social media as a call to action for customers to come in and see what’s new to boost foot traffic.

Go Up, Not Out

Don’t clutter your floor with too many merchandising displays; move up the walls instead. Displaying products at different levels frees up space to maneuver on the sales floor and offers an exciting visual to keep the eye moving. This encourages shoppers to travel deeper into the store and not just hover around the displays closest to the door and then rush out when the purchase is complete.

Cannabis Dispensary Merchandise

Straighten Up Stock

If your target audience is a demographic that may not be as experienced or educated about cannabis products, or you’re a retailer that’s breaking into cannabis lines, walking into a dispensary in and of itself can be an overwhelming experience. Keep your cannabis merchandising orderly and organized, group products together, and don’t overload shelves. Avoid overstimulating shoppers when it’s their first time visiting your store, and they’ll be more comfortable and apt to ask questions.

Work With Jahabow Experts

All the cannabis dispensary merchandising plans, tips, and best practices won’t work if you use sub-par merchandising displays. Properly presenting your cannabis product is a smart way to boost your bottom line, and it helps to do that when you have display cases specifically designed for cannabis.

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