Are You Blocking Your Customer's Path to Purchase?

Your entryway is more than an entrance. It’s the first visual impression that a customer gets of your store. The image you present here can affect the entire customer experience. That’s a lot of pressure when you stop and think about it. You definitely need to make an impressive visual impact.
You’ve probably noticed that an incredible number of retailers try to accomplish this by placing a huge, eye catching display right in front of the customer as they enter the store. This technique is even more common in malls and shopping centers where foot traffic and window shopping are common. The theory is that if something is there to catch their eye, they’ll come closer. Once they’re in, they stay because they’ll naturally want to see more.
Except, this isn’t really the way it works.

The Brick Wall Effect

Let’s take a minute to talk about that monster, eye catching display in the entryway. It’s great for catching attention, but that’s about it.
When a customer walks into a store, that display is literally all that they see. It’s the focus of their attention, and they aren’t likely to notice anything else. Depending on what’s on that display, they might turn around and leave, or maybe venture away and take a peek at what else you have.
Even for the customer that chooses to stay, a brick wall of merchandising has been placed in their path. It’s hard to see past or move around it. The customer coming into your store might have no working concept of what other merchandise you carry.
This puts an incredible amount of pressure on that one display. If they love something they find there, they might look around more. But, if they don’t they’re likely to walk away because they have no idea that something they’d love is right on the other side.
What was meant to be an attempt to attract customers has suddenly cost you in sales.

Seeing it Clearly

It’s entirely possible to create eye catching displays that welcome customers into your store, without forcing them to abruptly stop just a few feet in. Visual merchandising should be welcoming, provide an intuitive path through your store and encourage an easy sale.
Plus, isn’t it better to use your creative merchandising skills in a way that will really make a positive impact, instead of creating a roadblock in the customer experience?
The best way of making a great visual impact is by opening the entryway of your store. Merchandising should flow along with the natural route a customer would take. Displays along the side that lead the customer are fantastic, encourage browsing and lead them right to the point of purchase.

Display Cases Are the Solution

Beautifully crafted custom display cases will attractively showcase merchandise and make it more visually appealing. Forgo the clunky displays, and choose the clean, streamlined elements of a display case. The right display cases will encourage sales and protect your merchandise at the same time. We have pre-built and custom display cases that will take your merchandising up a notch. Contact Jahabow to learn more about merchandising options today.