Benefits of Glass Display Cases

In a world where retail brick-and-mortar stores are doing everything they can to compete with eCommerce brands, creating an in-person experience can take your business to the next level and high-quality glass cases can help with that. We outline some of the biggest advantages that you’ll find when you invest in glass display cases.

Glass Cases are a Good Sales Strategy

Customers are increasingly turning to brands that offer a more authentic and less sales-y approach, and glass display cases offer your store a great way to sell — without really selling. By placing your high-value items in glass cases, it’s like an in-store advertisement. Choose newer and more unique items that your target customers may not typically gravitate towards. Pay close attention to how they can enhance sales and boost average purchase prices.

Glass Displays are Stylish

For industries that depend on staying ahead of the trend curves — like jewelry stores — glass cases can offer a sophisticated merchandising platform that doesn’t detract from the quality of your goods. The right lighting and layout mean you items practically sell itself without added signage or props that will distract a shopper from the real beauty of what you’re displaying. They also won’t clash with any existing decor you use inside your store.

Glass Cases Mean Hassle-Free Shipping

Think about online shipping: Keeping the shopping process hassle-free means you have a better chance of converting lookers into buyers. There are no piles to dig through, shelves to browse, or aisles to walk. Everything they need to see and know is in clear view to let them make a quick buying decision. This directly impacts your profits and your business growth.

Glass Display Cases Offer Security

High-value inventory means there’s a bigger risk of theft, it’s a simple fact in the retail industry. Glass display cases create a subtle protective barrier between your products and your customers. When you add high-quality locks to these cases, you get one more layer of security and much more peace of mind that your items are safe. Check with your insurance provider as these cases could also lower your premium.

Glass Cases Help With Organization

Keeping tabs on inventory becomes even easier with glass cases. All it takes is a glance to see what’s available and how to group things for maximum visual appeal. Your regular customers will also be able to take a look around and almost instantly recognize what’s new and what’s been sold. If you also sell online, your employees won’t have to root through the back room when an order comes in — they’ll be able to quickly locate the order.

Glass Cases Make Cleaning Easy

Because there’s a layer of glass between you and the customers, there’s no merchandise to reorganize after customers shuffle through items or open shelves to dust several times a day. Glass is also much easier to clean and maintain than wood display tables or shelves.

Glass Displays Increase the Value of Products

Putting items in glass cases is a subtle psychological trick that works. These items are perceived as something that needs to be protected, cherished, and shown off in a special way. Shoppers assume it’s more valuable and can be more likely to pay full value for it instead of waiting for a sale. When you’re already selling high-quality items, glass display cases give your brand an extra touch of sophistication.

Glass Display Cases Protect Against Damage

Don’t risk leaving delicate, intricate, or fragile items out in the open for shoppers to inadvertently break. Writing damaged inventory off or paying for costly repairs can put a large dent in your profit margins. Glass display cases are perfect for estate jewelry, artwork, or any other one-of-a-kind or rare items that can never be replaced.
To reap the benefits of using glass display cases in your retail store, it’s important to invest in quality glass display cases that will withstand the traffic that helps your business grow and thrive. We’ve not only partnered with the world’s top brands, but we also work closely with smaller specialty stores like jewelry chains, sporting goods stores, pawnshops, and local retailers. 
Whether you’re looking for custom glass display cases or turnkey solutions, we are dedicated to transforming great ideas into even greater examples of the finest quality custom display cases and merchandising solutions. We maximize the visual impact of your product, we have been uncovering unique ways to stimulate retail sales for our clients’ products for over 40 years. Get in touch — let’s work together to help your business grow.