5 Tips for Giving Your Retail Displays Cases a Makeover

Have you been looking around your retail space recently and thinking that maybe it was time for a change? One of the first places you should look is your display cases. Retail fixtures serve the purpose of displaying your product, but they can also do so much more for you.
The right retail display cases, optimized for your space, should contribute to the overall aesthetics of your location, making it more inviting and interesting for your customers. Often, the smallest changes in your display strategy can make the biggest impact, especially in small spaces.
So, are you thinking freshening your space? Why not start smaller, and begin looking at how you can give your retail fixtures a makeover so that your space feels fresh and reenergized? Here are 5 easy tips for giving your retail display cases a makeover.

Integrate a Combination of Materials

If all your retail fixture looks the same, one way to freshen your space is to mix things up a little. Try different combinations of materials and design. For example, consider replacing an inefficient wall unit with a streamlined hexagonal tower. Also consider ways to bring a couple display fixtures away from the perimeter and into the foot traffic areas of your store.
A mixture of elements also makes things more interesting. If all your retail fixtures are white, try mixing in a couple with complimentary wood or metal accenting for visual appeal. Keep color and contrast in mind when creating displays for your display units and choose combinations that make the display pop.

The Impact of Simplicity

Clutter is bane of a pleasant retail experience. Too many items packed into display spaces make them difficult to shop and are overwhelming to look at. Consider thinning out the product selection in your display cases.
This doesn’t mean cutting down your inventory or selection, but instead invest in a couple more display fixtures for your space so that you can cleanly display your merchandise without all of it being crowded into one space.

Invest in Premium Lighting

Display cases without lighting can look dark and depressing, especially when there’s already low lighting in your location. Adding lighting fixtures or purchasing new display cases with Miniflux LED or spotlights instantly brighten up display spaces.

Rethink Your Space

It might not be the display cases you’re using as much as how you’re using them. Grab the blueprint of your space, and have a little fun playing around with different layouts and combination of display fixtures.
Think about things like the initial visual impact when a customer enters your store, and how you can enhance product placement along the route of natural foot traffic through your location.

Consider Custom Display Cases

Custom built display cases make it possible to optimize your individual space, and help it look more unique and tailored to your customers. Custom built cases come in a variety of designs, shapes and finishes to suit your merchandising needs.
Whether your looking for custom built display cases or would like to discuss pre-built options, we’d love to talk to you about options for your retail space. Contact Jahabow today and let’s talk about making over your display cases.