5 Reasons That Secure Display Cases Will Enhance Your Cannabis Dispensary

Currently, laws that allow some form of legalized marijuana – either for medicinal or recreational use – exist in 33 states, plus the District of Columbia. With the majority of states supporting legalized marijuana use, there has been a significant increase in the number of dispensaries across the nation.
Marijuana dispensaries are highly regulated, and due to the nature of the products they supply, have an increased need for security. Marijuana dispensaries need display cases that showcase their products, contain their products in an environment that protect their integrity and have been built with maximized security features. If you’re a marijuana dispensary that’s looking at display options, here are 5 reasons that you’ll benefit from secure display cases.

Meeting the Demands of Higher Regulations

Cannabis dispensaries are bound to tight regulations in most states. They can only sell their products to certain people and just one incident to their products falling into the wrong hands can have a significant impact on their business, not to mention causing a stir among those who oppose legalization. Secure display cases that features shatterproof display glass, strong structural integrity and secure locks help prevent this from occurring.


Cannabis dispensaries aren’t much different from liquor stores in regard to that they’re at a higher risk of theft than other types of merchants. Secure display cases help to keep all of your products safe from theft. This includes cannabis products and also the paraphernalia that goes along with it – which can be easy to grab and stick in a pocket unnoticed if left unprotected.

Customer Security

Making an investment in secure display cases for your dispensary looks favorably upon your business. Customers who enter for the first time are going to know that you’re serious about the quality and integrity of the products you sell. Many of your customers might be first time shoppers who are nervous or apprehensive. Giving them a safe, secure environment to shop in puts them more at ease.


How you display your merchandise is important and visual appeal matters. Secure display cases not only offer you additional protection of your merchandise, but modern secure cases are built with materials that are designed to highlight your product. This includes glare resistant “glass”, flattering lighting and materials that blend in perfectly with the décor theme of your dispensary.


Some cannabis products can be damaged from excessive heat and light. As the cannabis industry is growing, more display case manufacturers have started creating secure cases especially for cannabis dispensaries. These unique display cases create an environment that highlights merchandise while minimizing the effect of light and other environmental factors on the integrity of your products.

Purchase High Quality Cases for Your Business

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