5 Reasons Great Retail Display Cases are a Must-Have

It’s the first impression that a customer forms as they walk through your door that will form their perception of your business. Every successful retail location knows it isn’t just the products you carry that matter, but also how you display them.
In the retail industry, the goal is to showcase merchandise in a way that’s attractive and enticing to the customer.  A well-designed layout that presents merchandise beautifully is the key to success, no matter what type of retail store you have. From bakeries to auto parts, the quality of your displays matter.
What’s the one thing you need to achieve excellence in merchandising? The answer is quality display cases and here are five reasons that they’re essential for your retail location.

First Impressions Are Everything

As mentioned earlier, the first impression a visitor has of your store instantly forms a snapshot that influences how they feel about your business. The quality of your merchandise really doesn’t matter if it appears disorganized.
Sloppy, disheveled merchandise makes you look unprofessional. Plus, customers will ask themselves if your merchandise isn’t worth the time and effort to organize properly how good can the quality really be?
Quality display cases allow for thoughtful visual merchandising that instantly adds value to your inventory.

Inventory Organization and Control is Simpler with Display Cases

A major challenge that retailers face every day is inventory control, especially with small items that are difficult to keep track of. Glass display cases allow you to display merchandise while effectively managing your inventory.
Since display cases can be built to provide a home for every item in your store, labor intensive processes such as annual inventory become easier and less costly.

Added Security

Jewelers have been using secured cases for years to protect their most valuable merchandise. This is a smart move to emulate when you’ve got pricier items that require extra protection. However, there doesn’t need to be a hefty price tag attached for your inventory for it to be worth protecting.
Small, less expensive items that easily fit into the palm of a hand or pocket are often more of a theft risk than pricier items. Keeping merchandise with high theft potential in secure cases sends the message that you’re not an easy target for shoplifters.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Customers love a well-constructed display. A neat presentation makes it easier for customers to fully view the merchandise, plus many display cases are kept in areas of the store that are regularly attended to by staff. This means that someone is readily available to answer questions and facilitate the sale.

It’s Time to Update Your Look

If you think that display cases look old and outdated, it’s time to look at the fresh new options that are available. With a variety of materials and the ability to custom build cases for your unique needs and space, the right cases can instantly add an updated look and fresh appeal for your customers.
When you’re ready to realize the visual and practical impact of beautiful display cases for your retail location, we’re the ones to trust with a collection of top of the line and custom built merchandising solutions. Contact Jahabow today to learn more.