3 Ways to Encourage Sales with Beautifully Grouped Jewelry Displays

jewelry on display

When a customer walks into your location looking to purchase a stunning piece of jewelry, your ability to effectively merchandise your selection is incredibly influential in their purchasing decisions. When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about making a strong visual impact while appealing to the emotions of the buyer. 
In most cases, a jewelry purchase is associated with a happy occasion. It might be an engagement ring, a beautiful bracelet for a young lady’s sweet 16 or a personal purchase to celebrate an important milestone or commemorate a special occasion. As a jewelry retailer, it’s important that you know how to optimize display merchandising to encourage sales on the spot.
Successful jewelry merchandising isn’t just about props or strategically placed mirrors to highlight the sparkle of your collection. It’s also about knowing how to effectively group jewelry to make it even more attractive, encourage browsing and inspire a purchase. If you’re interested in boosting sales in your jewelry departed, here are 3 ways to group merchandise for optimized results.

Grouping by Brand

Often, when a customer is browsing your jewelry display cases, they have something specific in mind. If they’re serious about a purchase, they’ve probably already done a good deal of research and know which designers or jewelry brand they’re most interested in. You can help make the final decision easier for them by grouping your jewelry options by designer or brand.
Grouping by brand is also a great way to show off new arrivals or highlight a popular seasonal collection by a specific designer. Customers will be immediately drawn to a brand or designer’s style and will appreciate your efforts to make their choices easy.

By Stone or Metal

A customer that comes into your location looking for a diamond pendant probably isn’t going to leave with a rose gold and opal bracelet. They know what they’re looking for, or at least have a general idea of the type of jewelry the want. Displaying your pieces by stone or metal type eliminates the visual clutter and lets them focus on what they really want.

Focus on Seasonal Collections

Each season brings with it a breath of fresh air in jewelry trends and design. Why not make your jewelry cases more attractive by highlighting the best seasonal collections? For example, a springtime collection might include lighter colored stones set in pale, white gold or maybe a collection of statement necklaces that are perfect accessories for springtime holidays and celebrations. A summer collection might feature a nautical theme or highlight sparkly ankle bracelets that pair beautifully with the season’s sandals and carefree look.

The Best Jewelry Displays Start with Great Jewelry Cases

For your jewelry displays to really shine, you need a great jewelry display case that serves as a beautiful backdrop to your collection. Why would you display such beautiful pieces in anything but the best? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your display cases, then we encourage you to contact us. We offer a complete line of prebuilt and custom display cases to enhance your jewelry collections. Contact Jahabow to discover the perfect display solution for your location today.