3 Essential Features of High Quality, Secure Retail Display Cases


When you feature valuable merchandise in your retail location, you want to make sure that it’s beautifully displayed while being protected. Secure display cases are a sound investment for your business, but how do you know that you’re getting the integrity of construction that your merchandise deserves. 
Quality matters when it comes to choosing secure display cases for your merchandising needs. While every detail matters, some are more important than others. Here are 3 features of quality display cases that are essential for protecting and displaying your merchandise.

It All Starts with Glass

Glass serves multiple functions in secure display cases. Not only does it serve as a protective barrier to prevent theft, it also needs to add to the visual appeal of the merchandise. Current technology in high security glass features a combination of several types of high performance materials – including safety glass, polycarbonate and hurricane glass to provide the strongest possible barrier.
These layers of glass provide smash proof protection for your most valuable merchandise. Another benefit of this layered construction is its durability, especially in being scratch and chip resistant. High quality glass enhances the visual appeal of your merchandise.

Hardware and Locks

The mere presence of locking hardware on a display case doesn’t mean that it’s secure. Unfortunately, the standard hardware and locks on many lesser quality display cases can leave your merchandise vulnerable to theft. Hardware that can be easily compromised and locks that can be pried open fail to properly protect your merchandise.
Look for solidly constructed hardware throughout the display case. Additionally, look for locking mechanisms that are flush with the door to help prevent theft. Plus, choosing display cases with these quality features means less money invested in repairs and replacements during the fixture’s lifetime.

A Frame with Integrity

Think of the frame as the foundation of your display case. Frames that feature one-piece construction are designed to stand up to the stress of theft attempts. A frame that is constructed with integrity will also save you money down the road. Unfortunately, cases that feature merchandise that’s a high theft risk tend to be exposed to more wear and tear. Exceptional frame construction, including elements that make it easy to replace damaged parts without replacing the whole unit, are an effective cost-saving investment for your business.
Finally, when examining the frame of your display cases, don’t neglect the doors. Look for cases that feature reinforced doors made of solid materials, such as machined aluminum, that are resistant to prying and pounding.
No retailer wants to become the victim of theft or risk having their most valuable merchandise damaged through handling or exposure to everyday elements. Fortunately, you can protect your merchandise and your business with high quality, secure display cases.
At Jahabow, we feature both premade and custom display case options – including our TDL secure display cases. We invite you to contact Jahabow today to discuss your secure display case needs and learn how our fixtures will exceed your expectations on every level.